Why Girls Gossip?

Why Girls Gossip?

Girls are a whole different world. Most girls agree that mean stinks and negative words are hurtful. And also they know that talking behind someone’s back is wrong but they still do it. It is because gossip is considered as mean, and it is very common between young ladies. But, why can it be harmless?

Instead of that, gossip can be helpful for girls. Here are some reasons:

  • Relationships: Talking about others can help not only girls but also kids to understand the others. They can evaluate which behaviors are not valuated peers and who gets along well with whom.
  • Intimacy: Talking about feelings can promote trust in a relationship. Because the friendship is based, in his majority, on confidences.
  • Sharing Information: Most confessions ingossip use to be about interesting facts that can help girls to know more about the social world.

Gossip Can Be Dangerous

Not every comment is good. Some girls can be rude with their gossip. They get carried away by jealousy. And tend to judge each other by popularity, money, clothes, beauty, and others. In order to hurt somebody, they can spread false humors sharing damaging information, whether true or not. And that, definitely, is not a kind thing to do.


The saddest thing about gossip is that sometimes can steal another’s reputation. And the kids start to carry with their reputation since they are in kindergarten. They start to change their own behavior in order to be accepted by their friends.

For a girl, woman or escort girl it is important what other girls think about her. This not only applies to kids, it also do it for adults.

How To Avoid Hurting Other’s Feelings

For an adult, it can be hard to avoid hurting people with gossip but it’s important to strive on it. We live in a world of networking and everything that we do, since we are kids, influences our behavior in our entire life. So, it is important to see the other people just as we are: equal. And not only that, also: listen to what the people wants to say, respect their opinions, be careful with offensive words, understand that our perception of life can be different to others, avoid uncomfortable topics, avoid excluding people, and others.

We Are Not Perfect

And kids or even girls aren’t. Everybody is unique and we have to learn to tolerate everyone in order to maintain peace.

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